About Our Office

When we opened our doors in 1987, we made it our mission to provide the best care through proficient, empathetic treatment—understanding our patients’ fears—and treating each with gentleness both clinically and in our chairside manner.

Our staff is well-trained and eager to provide courteous and friendly service. When our patients walk in the door, they know they are welcomed and valued.

In our office, patient safety and comfort is our priority. All instruments are either steam sterilized or disposed. All employees are fully trained using the CDC guidelines for infection control. We also use state-of-the-art digital x-rays to minimize radiation exposure. For particularly anxious patients, we offer dental care using nitrious oxide to help relax and calm their fears.

Our patients are our greatest asset. We have enjoyed loyal patients, some who have been with our practice since we opened and many who continue to come for our service long after moving out of the area—some as far away as Arizona and Las Vegas. We have been honored through the years when patients who appreciate our service, introduce other family members and friends to our practice, and in some cases, we have watched children grow up and bring their offspring to start another generation in our practice.

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